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I know, I know.... I've been rather neglectful around here. I have excuses, loads actually, but I'm sure you wouldn't be very interested in them. Simply put, since last fall, my life has seemed a bit tumultuous. We all have so much going on in our lives, each of us searching for peace, quiet, and balance somewhere between the lines. I know how to do it,I just haven't been able to get there; mainly with time being the issue. I generally find myself coming back to this one idea, over and over again. Most of the time (hehe), there just seem like there is enough of it. So, in the last month, I quit one of my jobs. I decided it was more draining than it was worth for the exchange in currency, it was putting me in an unhealthy environment for myself, and most importantly: I dreaded going.

Excuse me before I start to sound rather cliche, but I began reflecting, and actually, most often I was too tired and too emotional to even have time to reflect. I stood back and observed myself; my thoughts, my behaviors, my patterns, and ultimately didn't like what I saw. I began to think of the larger scope of things... this one life (or maybe more deepening on your beliefs) that we are given to do with what we want. Of course we have to pay attention to the fact that we don't have ultimate control over everything, but what we do have is enough. I don't want to waste anymore of it doing what I don't love, or even don't like. Hard work I'm sure lies ahead... but when that work starts to be the kind that feels right, feels invigorating, and fuels your heart.... you can be sure you are on the right path.

So why all of this blabbering you may ask?? Well for one, I want to be in this space more often. This is truly something I love to do, sharing with my few readers what I'm creating, what I'm feeling, how we are all navigating this wondrous life. And secondly, all of this has made me even more certain that while I've had a bit of a rough patch here and there (and hell, who doesn't??) I love to be engaged with food. Healthy food. Beautiful food. Celebratory food. With family and friends, sitting at a cafe by my lonesome, beckoning back to my days in France, sharing with everyone the idea tat hell, if we have to do it anyway, lets make it awesome. Lets eat and drink, and take the time to actually notice we are doing it; and maybe, just maybe, enjoy it.

All of this makes me want to go, "yay." Enough said.

So I have a simple recipe for you today. A recipe for thoughtfulness and awareness. Take 15 minutes. Take your favorite drink and maybe a tiny treat. Sit with yourself some place that feels wonderful, that makes you feel great and cozy and content. And just eat and drink. Concentrate on those flavors, those moments, for that is all we have for right now. The more we can live like that, well, the rest will just fall into place a little easier. And who doesn't want to make things easier with a little cookie?

Have a super day everyone.

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