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Just a quick histoire about how this blog came into being.
The Origins: Four American girls connected in 2009-2010 over their mutual love/hate relationship with the Frenchies in Paris, France, while weathering the times teaching English to little French know-it-alls. When we weren't slaving through our 12-hour work-weeks, we decided to voice our daily triumphs and frustrations by combining what the French do best (food!) with what Americans do rather well (an excuse to eat and wake up late, a.k.a, le brunch). Over croissants and cafes we learned a lot, each sharing our own perspectives on food and inspiration from our Parisian and pre-Parisian lives. After parting ways in Paris, we continue to share our thoughts, emotions, and effects of la vie francaise through our  recipes, diverse experiences, and the never ending (thankfully) search for the perfect croissant.
Please read. Please comment. Please remember laughter lowers your blood pressure. And sometimes, so does butter.
Meet Les Brunchies!
Amrita: She says she's always loved food, but it wasn't until her final year of university that loving food became something of an obsession. As part of a course appropriately titled 'The Good Life', she found her foodie-soul-mate in the form of a cigarette-smoking Francophile, Anthony Bourdain. It wasn't that they both had something of a supernatural experience when slurping their first oyster from its shell, but that he had Amrita's dream job: traveling around the world, eating everything in sight, and getting paid to tell people all about it.

Finding Bourdain kick-started Amrita's desire to learn more about food preparation, and over the last year she's been dipping my toes in the metaphorical kitchen sink (because ew, can you imagine if she really did that?). The goal once she gets back to the US is to get about knee-deep in her cooking education, and to see if amazingly delicious, healthful meals are possible on a poor graduate student's budget. Wish her luck!

Sydney: Before Sydney went to France she wasn’t especially adventurous in her food choices.  That’s not to say that she didn’t eat a lot – she did (does!).  But she steered clear of the more fragrant cheeses, didn’t eat duck, made sure her burgers were cooked through, couldn’t stand foie gras, had never eaten an oyster.  Since coming to France, her culinary perspective has considerably broadened.  Now she buys cheese with lait cru (unpasteurized milk) without a moment’s hesitation, orders her steaks rare, drinks her coffee black (and in teeny tiny cups!), and willingly smears foie gras on toast whenever she can get her hands on it.  She’s looking forward to bringing her expanded palate back to the States and to engage in a more adventurous way of eating and cooking.
Her cooking at home here is pretty basic, although she’s added risotto to her list of things that she regularly makes.  She bakes more often, and frequently made banana bread and cookies for her host family in Paris, and is dreading returning to the US without first trying to bake some bread.

Steph: Upon meeting her Parisian roommates in September of 2009, during the first 10 minutes of introduction they looked as though the awkward American had just slapped their mother and wore sweatpants to a dinner party.... but quel horror!, it was worse.... she considered herself mostly vegetarian. The next few months she would confront freshly hunted meat dans le frigo with talons still in tact (thinking, or feeling, at first they were artichokes) numerous frenchie dinner parties, and an attempt trying to reconcile her taste buds somewhere between her old favorite foodstuffs (legumes, legumes, et beloved peanut butter) and all the glorious-ness the French had shown her (baguettes, baguettes, et le macaron) Now back in the northern California, she is in constant and never-ending withdrawal from hot bread de le boulanger (not to mention the boulanger himself) and 3 hours spent over a teeny expresso complaining and looking annoyed at life, or simply put... trying to live la vie parisianne.

Et plus....
Favorite things: dinner parties, dance parties, garden parties, no parties
Less than faves: techno parties and tupperware parties

You can probably expect sarcasm paired with mostly vegetarian meals and baked goods galore. If you are looking for peculiar natural ingredients.... look here. If you dont like kookiness... look (not) here.
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