Steph talks: le Brunch

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le Brunch.

(my take)

The best ones often happen when you arrive via bikes

...or bobsled....

and happen before, during, or after you are up to no good.

So I just thought I would post something on Brunch... I mean, we are afterall le Brunch Club. Its definitely my favorite excuse to get together with people. You can feel pretty fancy with a mimosa if you so the previous night's happenings with really large sunglasses in tow.... and order whatever the hell you want. Pancakes? you got it. Double Bacon Cheeseburger? Totally normal. And plus.... its just really fun.

In Paris, le Brunch began when the Frenchies tried to strengthen their ever persistent effort to be American by stealing our words and putting a their article in front of it. Debate topic: They hate us? They love us? And go....

Brunch a Paris... Oh la la says les filles

Americans use this feast as another excuse to eat whatever and whenever the hell they feel like it . They try and fool you by merging the words breakfast and lunch as to indicate some sort of appropriate time and menu. But this means nothing to "le Brunch." First, it almost never takes place between the hours of normal breakfast and lunch. Often times, you are much too hungover to make the walk of shame or to take out your contacts you forgot to take out 8 hours ago to make it anywhere before 1pm. So, en fait, le Brunch may happen as late at 5... I've even heard stories of brunch happening as late as 7 pm... gasp! And as far as edibles go, Brunch doesn't really fuse the two meals either. Enter: le Mimosa. I rest my case.

A pretty clever excuse to drink orange juice with champagne.... we see you! Even through the pulp...

This is also possibly what I miss most about New York. Over my five years there, I had some of my favorite times spent over brunch... and they almost always warranted really really large sunglasses to hide dark circles and/or bruises. Some of the places were holes, others were fancy (even though we weren't), and most were somewhere in between. But, they were always fun... a necessarily element for me et mon brunch. Some of my faves for your next hangover in this crazy town:

Jane: Its worth the wait. From the outside it seems over the top super crowded, but the staff is super nice, and that's an unexpected twist in NYC when the whole city is hungover as shit. They bring you biscuits straight away, make you feel fancy with awesome bubbly cocktails surrounded by fancy yet light decor, and oh yeah, the food rocks too. I think I had the most fun brunch here. Mostly because I like classy places filled with people who think they are classy, but actually are just stumbling around in their polos on the re-drunk...

Bagel Zone (now, unfortunately and preposterously renamed Native Bean): I have eaten approximately 3.4 tons of oatmeal and 453 bagels from this east Village spot. This was a huge part of what my wife and I dubbed church on Sundays: Bagel Zone, Thompson Square Park, Farmers Market, Thompson Square Dog Park, nap, TV... God, that was good. The guys that run bagel zone are always smiling, and not in that NYC creepy way, which is not surprising since they get their energy from a constant IV of bagel. Luckily you can go here any day of the week... not just for Sunday Brunch... and believe me, I did.

Friend of a Farmer: Lots of character, pretty low key for Manhattan.... great for sunny afternoons, dining outside, and some after brunch strolling/shopping/people watching around Union Square. Suggestions? Eggs. They have them good. Shout out to Sammy Rode for this awesome and chill find.

Sunburnt Cow: If you are looking to get crazy the morning after you got crazy, this is the place to do it. I unfortunately never made it, mostly because I get wasted at brunch after one drink, and because I am afraid of myself and others dining over all-you-can-drink Sunday mornings stretched into late afternoons. But I have heard great things... awesome things actually.... just make a reservation and put on your drinking pants. Christians, Recovering Alcoholics, and Strict no-fun-ians BEWARE.

Best Place to Brunch when your parents and/or older man friend is picking up the tab:

Best Place to Brunch if you're a lady... or try to act like one
Alice's Tea Cup

Best places Ive always wanted to be a brunchie
Pastis, Blue Ribbon Cafe and Bakery

Supposed Best Brunch Places that I have zero interest in
Clinton Street Baking Company (I have zero tolerance for waiting more than 1 hour for pancakes)
The Stanton Social (assholes)
egg (I cant wait till Brooklyn to Brunch)

Best Vague Brunch Idea
Chelsea Market.
Endless possibilities. But Seriously.


Song: "Brand New Start" by Little Joy
I just see myself strutting down the street to this, knowingly making my way to an awesome brunch. True, the tune is probably a little perky considering the toll of the previous nights happenings, but I just like it. Okay?

Tip: replace lover with le Brunch

A la prochain.


christine said...

Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Le Brunch is adorable! I tried clicking your RSS link though, and it did not take me anywhere, maybe check on it. Delicious looking treats!

Steph said...

Thanks so much!

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