I Did Not Bake This...

~ ~

I repeat. I, Stephanie Stein did NOT bake this dense, delicious, walnut cranberry, whole grain loaf. But I wish I did. I did, however, take a crucial part in the consumption of it. And I'm damn proud of it.

After leaving Paris behind, and regretfully my addiction to good bread (and believe me, not by choice), I have come along a great bakery, right here, within a lengthy biking distance from my house in California. Double yay!

So,again I didn't bake this, and have no recipe to give you, but what I can do, is share the gloriousness of this place with you. That is if you happen to be somewhere in northern/central California strongly craving delicious bread. Its my new favorite, and if you aren't somewhere close to here, then please plan a visit.

Did I mention its a winery too? Just sayin...


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