On Remembering Why

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So, if you haven't guessed by the overuse of barley and spelt flours not to mention all these bizarre baking concoctions I've been up to.... I have a bit of inner hippie in me. And I boast it with joy. Don't get me wrong, I love hot showers, electric blankets, and cozy cashmere sweaters.... but there is another side to me that flourishes when I cook and bake. So bare with me here. Baking for me is not only about discovering an end result that inspires your taste buds, but it is about involving all of your senses; using your eyes to see how beautiful the process it, your touch to understand and nourish doughs in lieu of a leaden kitchen aid mixer. This idea that is baking has given so much to my life that I can't help but give it more and more attention as I grow into my person. So, as of late I have been trying to give more attention and focus into my passion, and wanted to share this little poem I came across awhile ago from one of my favorite cookbooks. I hope it inspires you, like me, to take time and experience your journey, whatever it may be, and realize the end result, like a piece of pie, is simply beautifully ephemeral and another journey awaits proceeding your last; all of which should be handled with care.

A Composite of Kitchen Necessities

Bringing food alive with your
loving presence.
To have compassion, to have respect
for fresh foods, for broken bowls,
for dirty napkins and little bugs.
To care of leftovers,
not saying, of that's alright, we have plenty
we can throw that away.
Because everything is saying love me,
have compassion, hold me gently.
Please hug me now and the
(we're really one, not two),
but don't get attached
(we're really two, not one).
The bowls and knives, the table, the teapot,
the leftovers, the molding vegetables,
the juicy fruit,
everything is asking this of you:
make full use,
take loving care
of me.
The cups, the glasses, the sponges,
the sticky honey jar,
all asking to fulfill.
Just to make deepest love all the time,
concentrating not on the food, but on yourself:
making your best effort to allow things
to fulfill their functions. In this way
everything is deliciously full
of warmth and kindness.

Music Pairing
"Rakhe Rakhan Har" by Aurora

I received a mix CD from a yoga teacher during Christmas and found this song on it. For some reason it always seems to bring peace and understanding to my day.


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