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Lately, instead of doing a lot of personal writing or blogging, I've been finding myself reading blogs. Lots of blogs. New blogs. And not just new to me blogs, but new types of blogs. I generally look for beautifully photographed food, great recipes, beautiful photography in general... and well, it mostly ends there.

Ah! But now. The new blogs. Funny blogs. Fitness blogs. And forever and always food blogs. But mostly Ive been gravitating more toward healthy lifestyle blogs, and the ones that I like generally say the same business over and over. (I mean this in a fantastic way) Don't diet. Don't restrict. Move a lot. Focus on your passions and be positive. Have so much fun. Listen to you and eat how you think your body operates at its healthiest. I say, "Totally!"

So after reading this sort of material over and over....over the weekend, well I just started subconsciously doing it. Ive changed my diet in the past week, coming to terms with the fact that I feel better and enjoy a mostly vegan diet more than anything Ive done before. Lots of greens, whole grains, mushrooms!, all the farmers market has to offer, spices, and of course a small sweet treat almost every day. I just love my sweets. For me a little red meat or fish once a month or so is perfect... and if I want more or less I do it. But finding your way along this food journey is never about labeling and cutting out any one thing forever, its realizing what you love and what makes you feel great. I like eating plants. I love it in fact. I'm still figuring things out, obviously we all, always are, but this is what I know now.

I also changed up my moves this morning and went on about an hour long run (well, I walked for a nice portion also), but I really enjoyed myself. I felt good to move differently. I might even do it again....

Other things.... Don't worry I am continuing to bake for the cafe like usual... butter! whole grains! vegan cookies! I want to supply people with treats that they both like and support the way they like to consume goods. I would never impose what is good for me, onto them. With that said, I'm planning to have at least one alternative baked good each day... gluten free, raw, vegan, etc etc. to support other people's chosen lifestyles.

So, this all leaves me wondering... what lifestyle changes are making you feel good lately?


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